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2014-10-29 03:58 pm

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My name is Pie or occasionally Piekov. I'm British, female and very, very awkward.




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2017-03-08 02:00 pm

5Ds Opinions

Note: I'm writing this at the point where I'm one episode into the Dark Signer arc. What I plan to do is to write my opinions now and then go back after the arc and compare it.


Things I Like

-Jack, Yusei, Rua, Aki (Nost of the time)
-The cosmic battle in the S1 finale
-The cult
-The concept of Satellite
-Criminal markers
-That one indoor duel with Ushio where Yusei had to think on his feet
-The openings
-The humor, when it's there
-The fact that they're not all kids this time
-Psychic powerrrrrs.

Things I Dislike

-The setting is way too bland (design-wise)
-It feels a little TOO dark and kind of hopeless?
-All of the antagonists (especially prison dude)
-All of the decks except Yusei, Rua and Aki's
-The Aztec stuff
-The endings

Things I Am Hype For

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2014-05-15 06:32 pm


This is where I store code for easy copying.

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2012-09-01 01:22 am

Lets Play... Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children! Part 3

On the last episode of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children Black Book...

Hee-ho, motherfucker! The Jack Frosts appear! Disaster strikes when Nagahisa disappears. But who sent the Devil Riser and the Vinecom? And why did the tiny fire-breathing dog who saved our hero call him "Partner"? These questions and more... may not be answered here, but soon! Episode Three: Setsuna's Confusion!

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2012-02-05 08:14 pm

Let's Play! Shin Megami Tensei Part 3

Once again, we enter the world of Megami Tensei. In the last post, our mom was a jerk, we got traumatised by a psychotic ghost and a hobo tried to kill us. But what's going to happen now?

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2012-02-05 05:50 pm

Let's Play! Shin Megami Tensei Part 2

Welcome back! Last episode we dreamt of naked men and naked women and probably woke up with a boner. There was also some FORESHADOWING and a lot of grouching. This episode... we go to get our morning coffee and come back with a knife, repressed trauma and crappy armor.

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