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Lets Play... Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children! Part 1

Welcome to my Let's Play of Devil Children: Black Book. I will be offering rough translations as I go along. This will be quite image-heavy, so bear with me.

And Setsuna awakens!
We start with this symbol, spinning around! ...and some very annoying sound effects. Wheeeee... Around and around and around it goes...
AW SHIT THE SYMBOL BECAME PART OF A GUN! ...wait wasn't this the "kid" version of SMT?
He's got six shots. More than enough to kill anything that moves...
It's really hard to get a decent picture of it, but the appearance of this symbol is prefaced by flashes of lightning. ...it's a little sad that the SNES games had somewhat better graphics in their intro than this.
Goodness gracious! Somebody get the hose! We've got a bad case of flaming pentagrams! I hear it's a big problem in Tokyo.
Not shown; countless of these little glowy things shooting up up up into the sky. Either it's a case of naga fireballs or something's getting called up from hell. ...or somebody's getting beamed down.
Looks like it's the demon! Well. This is SMT. I can't tell what demon it is. Input would be love. Looks kinda phoenix-y...
Trans: Shin Megami Tensei (Reincarnation of the True Goddess)
Debiru Chirudoren (Devil Children)
Kuro no Sho (Black Book)

Press Any Button

And we're off on an adventuuuuuuure! The kid in the image is our protagonist of the game...
"You who will inherit our bloodline

It is your destiny to become a tool."
"This world of yours is awakening... Waiting for it."
Meet the protagonist. His name is Setsuna Kai.

"What are you talking about?

Mister, you're-?!"
"Search for Norn's key!"

"When you have the key, bring it to where I reside!"

"I am. . . .

In the depths of the dark palace!"
Yes, that was a dream. A particularly lucid one, no less. Alarm clock sounds
"...a dream..."
Nagahisa: "Nii-san, you woke up at last."
Meet Nagahisa Kai. Setsuna's younger brother. If you think they look nothing alike... well. It's not just convention. Their mother was a bit of a playa, it seems...

Nagahisa: "I was worried because you were calling out in your sleep. Did you have a nightmare...?"
"?? ...ah... I was having a strange dream."
Nagahisa: "The snow's been falling heavily outside." Nagahisa: "But it's been so hot lately when you think about it. Isn't it strange to come this late?"
Nagahisa: "They're broadcasting nothing but Emergency
News on the TV...."
Nagahisa: "The reason for it being strange hasn't been mentioned."
Nagahisa: "If that's so, I'm going into the living room. You should come too since you don't have to go out."

And with that, little half-bro walks off, leaving Setsuna to himself.
"...you can hear the television in the other room
...the emergency news is on"
Hoorah! A chance to explore! ...or not. There's not really a lot here. The apartment appears to be very small. Bedroom, living room with adjoined kitchen... For the record, there's nothing you can interact with in the bedroom.

If you go for the door...
Nagahisa: "Nii-san, are you going out?"

...Nagahisa interrupts you. After all, there's a snowstorm going on.

...in August.

Nagahisa: "Come here, I wanna talk to you." And we are redirected to the living room! Not a bad apartment, really. But where the hell does Nagahisa sleep?
Nagahisa: "Nii-san, you've had a lot of nightmares lately, are you really ok?" Suddenly, cutscene! ...kinda.

"Ah... ... I've seen those strange dreams a lot."
"Someone's talking to me, but I don't understand what they're saying..." "I don't understand it at all."
Nagahisa: "Mother has died, remember." Nagahisa: "Father's whereabouts have been unknown since we were tiny enough to crawl."
Nagahisa: "No one knows where he is." Nagahisa: "We've been with our aunt since we were crawling children who were taken to the shrine."
"That's right, we were just the two of us in this world." "We're definitely related by blood..."
"Whatever comes our way, I'll protect you from it."
Nagahisa: "But I'll hurry as much as I can." Nagahisa: "I'll save Nii-san from it."
Nagahisa: "Then we'll find the whereabouts of Father together." Nagahisa: "I'm hungry. I hope we have something to eat in the fridge."
Nagahisa: "What might we have put in the cupboard?" "It's the Emergency News."
"Suddenly, all over the Earth this substance has appeared." "This is Hikari Netsuto."
"Reporting from Kyuushyuu." "What will this cause the temperature to do because of this, Hikari?" "A sudden dramatic drop."
"Presently, the temperature in Tokyo is at minus four degrees."
Examining the fridge produces a note. Don't go out!! Walter. No, no, I kid. It's actually game dialogue telling you...

"Found Chakra Drinks!"
"You got five Chakra Drinks!"
Now let's try to sneak out while Nagahisa isn't looking- oh damn. The dialogue progresses the same, until-

Nagahisa: "Who's there?"
An MGS-Style "?" pops up before a figure walks in! Gasp. Who is this?

"Special delivery!
Can one of you two sign for it please?"
"My name is..."
Aaand... We get to put a name in through this signature. Yes, folks, as in fine Japanese tradition, you get to name... a named character. The options on the right hand side let you pick symbols, numbers, and switch between Kana. The two lower right options are to reset to the default name (second from the bottom) and accept the name change (bottom right). Here you can see the Katakana options. It runs alphabetically (or as close as Japanese gets - which is ordered by sound), so if you know the order of symbols, you can pick a name easily. The same goes for the Hiragana option. The default name is Setsuna. It's written in Katakana.
NOTES: Setsuna uses "ore" to refer to himself. Nagahisa uses "boku". The 'mysterious strange' from the dream uses either 'watashi'.

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