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Lets Play... Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children! Part 3

On the last episode of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children Black Book...

Hee-ho, motherfucker! The Jack Frosts appear! Disaster strikes when Nagahisa disappears. But who sent the Devil Riser and the Vinecom? And why did the tiny fire-breathing dog who saved our hero call him "Partner"? These questions and more... may not be answered here, but soon! Episode Three: Setsuna's Confusion!


And so we resume our tale...

Cool: "That's right! By the contract according to the ancient devils of old." Cool: "The contract you carry makes me your partner and gives you my power."
Cool: "That's how it's supposed to be."
Setsuna: "I don't quite understand, but...
My little brother's more important..."
Setsuna: "My little brother's more important...
Because he was kidnapped by them!"
Setsuna: "To me, Nagahisa is my only family. No matter what..." Setsuna: "I have to rescue him!
> Think about it
> Talk about what's bothering you
Picking the first option results in a loop, again.

Setsuna: "Why were Nagahisa and I attacked...?"
Setsuna: "And that snowman said he would notify the Great Demon...?" Picking the second option, however, actually progresses the plot! So let's do it!
Cool: "Those devils that attacked you before were Petite Frosts from the north." Cool: "They would have sent him to Makai."
Cool: "To the Great Demon who rules the six lands of Makai." Cool: "The King..."
Cool: "Makai has been sealed for a long time, so how has it changed now?" Cool: "I also don't know the details."
Setsuna: "The king that rules Makai??
Was that king the one that sent those?"
Setsuna: "I don't know, but if he's there, then I have to go to Makai to help Nagahisa!"
Setsuna: "...how do I get to Makai...?" Cool: "Who knows? Makai is the world where devils live."
Cool: "Human and Devil, Earth and Makai, separate-" Cool: "-and devoted to their hostile separation...."
Cool: "So I'll be amazed if you get there at all... ..." Cool: "But there has to be a way."
Cool: "Anyway, while we're here, we should both get introduced." Cool: "Let's find a way to Makai!"
"However, before that, please call my name!" Yep. Naming screen again, this time for Cool.
Cool: "Cool! The one and only!
I'll be accompanying you from now on!"
Cool: "Right! It's decided!! Alright, let's go!"
And now we can finally leave this damned apartment. Thank you, Cool. Onwards, to adventure! Mirai: "Ah- Setsuna-kun!"
Mirai: "...what's wrong?" Setsuna: "Mirai.... Did you see Nagahisa go past here?"
Mirai: "No... Did something happen?" Mirai: "...to Nagahisa-kun?"
Setsuna: "That is... No, it's fine! Sorry for holding you up!" Mirai: "Fu-n...?? The snow's stopped. It's cold outside though."
Mirai: "...I guess the crisis has come to an end." "The door's locked!"

Yep, Mirai ain't letting us in. So let's go explore!
The doorway out is blocked off, we don't have any mail, so the only place in this apartment building that we can go is upstairs!
Setsuna: "...the sky..."
In case the screenshots didn't make it clear, the sky is flickering red. Could be sirens, could be apocalypse, hard to tell. Anyway, that's all we can see in this building (of two apartments and a rooftop) so time to go confront the Frosts!
"Hee-ho! We want the Rainbow Horn-ho!" ...ok?
And AGAIN. Come on! Oh finally he says something else.

"If you won't give it to us, we'll knock you down-ho!!"

Oh dear.
You saw that coming, right?
"Hee-------!! I'm melting-ho-!!
The great demon's going to get angry-ho!"
...Wizard of Oz reference, anyone? The Frosts vanish, leaving us free to exit into the town.
...jeez, those houses really are small, aren't they? Let's see what Mister Businessman has to say!
"Oh, if it isn't Setsuna! What's wrong? Eh, Nagahisa?" "Oh, I haven't seen him!"

Shortly further on, there is a shop!

"There's a sale on!
What can I buy..."


Setsuna, distractions? Although I guess it is good to stock up...
600 macca, huh? ...wait why were they using macca before the demon invasion?
Anyway, there's only one thing for sale.

Chakra Drinks! For a whole 40 macca. I'll show you the dialogue, but I'm not buying that. I might need that macca. For the sole healing item so far, it's pretty shitty; it only heals a little MP. No HP recovery yet. Good thing nobody's managed to hurt us so far.
Yes/No, in that order. If you hit 'yes'... "Maido! Thank you very much!"

'Maido' is Osakan slang used by salesmen. It means "thank you for your continued patronage".
Well that was pointless. What's next? Ooh, class!

"Do you go to this school? This place is really cold!"
"If you're going to cross the street, you should look both ways!"

"It won't do! At this rate, the world is going to be destroyed!

...ooookay then. Clearly I've stumbled into a school of crazy people. Or cultists.
"They should only be studying hard." "The kids might come back when it's not dangerous."
I see an Akune Taito! Got one Akune Taito!

...I am not 100% sure what this is yet.
???: "Hey!" Zeto: "Pleased to meet you... I'm Takaja Zeto."
Zeto: "The Petite Frosts said they'd become visible in this neighborhood, but they're not here." Zeto: "It seems like you just showed up."
Zeto: "What do you know about this?" Zeto: "...soooo it's like that, huh."
Zeto: "Then did the Petite Frosts kidnap the human back then despite that?" Setsuna: "...you're talking about Nagahisa..!!"

What will you do?

> Calm down and think
> Listen to more serious talk

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