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Lets Play... Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children! Part 2

And here we go again! Last time we got some totally-not-awkward exposition and found out that it's snowing like a bitch. In August. Surely this can't be anything bad. This time?

We pick up the mail. Ohhh yeah.

...also snowmen.

"It's Setsuna-san, huh?" The delivery person goes and puts a parcel beside Setsuna.

"...I'm certain it's valuable!"
The person flickers and vanishes, leaving Setsuna and Nagahisa to ? and ! at each other for a minute.
Setsuna: "!!!..he disappeared..!?"
Setsuna: "...he vanished, Na-!"
And then two Jack Frosts show up! You can't see them clearly right now, but that's what they are!

"Hee-hoo! We want that box-ho."

"Because of that, we punished him so he won't return-ho."
Setsuna: "The snowman... ... ... is talking!!" Dialogue options!

What will you do?
"Agenai!" (I won't give you it!)
"Oikeasu!" (Send him back!)

It... doesn't matter what you pick. The results are exactly the same. Considering this is an SMT game, it most likely means that this is more a karma choice. They will then make the screen glow blue around them and Setsuna will be knocked back! Oh noes!
"Whaaat! Thanks!!" Setsuna: So get out!
...unfortunately for him, nerves of steel doesn't really do much against snowmen.

"Hee-hoo! Order us out again, ho!"
"Hee-ho! I don't want to, but I'll bring you down for that!"
"My cool magic will freeze you! Bufu!"

And with that, Setsuna is knocked back three panels by a vague blur of blue that somehow doesn't hurt Nagahisa despite the fact that it covers half the screen.
Setsuna: "Uu... I'm froz...!"
Setsuna: "My body's frozen solid... Uu... I can't move!..." "Hee-ho, you're pitiful but-ho
We'll take you to Makai-ho"
Nagahisa: "Nii-san! ...Help me...!" Setsuna: "Wait! That's my little brother! Where are you taking him!?
"Hee-ho, not that way-ho
I'll take this kid with me-ho."

And with that, Nagahisa Kai... simply flickers out of Setsuna's sight, along with the new Jack Frost that had just come in.
Setsuna: "...Nagahisa!..." Setsuna: "Crap! He vanished before my eyes..."
Setsuna: "In this state, I'm done for...
...but I have to save Nagahisa!"
Setsuna: "The box that arrived is glowing!"
Setsuna: "What... my forehead... ...it's burning hot!"

And thus a star flickers on Setsuna's forehead, marking him as Mistress 9- I mean, as a Devil Child. It flickers, turns brown and then crumbles.
Setsuna: "..What?! What just happened?" Setsuna: "The pain is making my body shake. I have to go before they come back."
"Uh... What's wrong-ho??" "Why hasn't the human begun to collapse from Bufu-ho???"
Answer: Because he's busy stealing the shit you wanted to steal.

"Setsuna opened the box!"
"Found the Rainbow Horn!"
"Found Pocket Computer!" "Found Radiant Pistol"
"Hee-ho! It's dangerous-ho!! That's the Devil Riser and the Vinecom-ho!" "And that's the Rainbow Horn!"
"Who sent him things like this-ho?" "We have to hurry and get iiit!"
"A kid's voice came out of the Radiant Pistol." "Hey, messiah! Point it and call out 'Cool'!"
Dialogue options again!

> Call it a day
> Pull the trigger

...the first option basically means "LETS GET OUT OF HERE". If you pick it, however...
"A kid's voice came out of the Radiant Pistol."
"Hey, messiah! Point it and call out 'Cool'!"

...it'll cycle back to the same option and you HAVE to pick "pull the trigger". Which results in this:
Setsuna:"Pulled the trigger! Coooooooooooool!!!"
I'm pretty sure he's only saying the second part. Unless of course you want to think of him as a total dork. Which I don't mind at all.
Summoning Cool: Video

"The ancient guardian of the afterlife, Cerberus is here!!"
"You undid the seal. Thanks to you, I'm saved!"
"A dog came out of the Rainbow Pistol!
Only the dog is also talking!!"
"I'm not a dog!! I'm the proud Fire Cerberus!!"
"Huh? What? Have you been attacked by Frosts?" "Leave these idiots to me!! I'll knock them down with Fire Magic- Agi!"
"A strong Petite Frost has appeared!" Note: "Petite Frost" was also referred to as "Mini Icy". Battle controls!

First option is "Battle". Second is "Auto". The third, fourth and fifth are greyed out. They read "Negotiate", "Combo" and "Run". The last option there is "Status".
If you press "Auto", then you get this screen! It says:

Auto: >Attack >Repeat (meaning 'last action')
This is the Status screen. It gives you the option to check on anyone in the team. Right now, that's just Cool. Cool is represented on this as "Cerberus". That's that name there. The little mark beside it means that he's summoned. Note that on the original battle screen, he's there too - on the left.

The text up top tells you that you're just seeing it in brief, in case you've never played a game before.
Going into it leads us here. You can see his cute design on the left. From top to bottom, the box on the rest tells us his-

Magic Defense

And his name is at the bottom in case you forget it. That little option at the top is where we can cycle through demons, if we have any.
What we want, however, is this: Battle. This gives you even more options!
The green box highlights which of the two combatants on your side the options are being chosen for. We only have one, so we don't need to worry about that!

> Attack
> Magic
> Killing Blow
> Item
> Cool

The rest are mostly self-explanatory. We can't find out what "Cool" actually does since it's greyed out. But what's this third option?
An opportunity to mow them down with fire

< Killing Blow >
> Fire Breath: 23

Using this will automatically take 23 points off of Cool's health and:
"Setsuna's team beat the unknown Devil!"
"Gained 3 exp and 300 macca!!" "He------!! I'm melting-hooo!!
Daimao-sama will be angry-ho!"

Incidentally, "Daimao" means "Great Devil".

Cool: "Next time it'll be your turn!"
"Hee-hoo! Help me-hoo!!
I have to tell Daimao-sama-ho!"
...and then the other one runs away.

Cool: "How about it? I drove them off!"
Cool: "I think Partner and I will do good."
Setsuna: "...Partner-...?"
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Good job, you two! Now go rescue Nagahisa and save the day!

The forehead thing is silly.