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Let's Play! Shin Megami Tensei Part 3

Once again, we enter the world of Megami Tensei. In the last post, our mom was a jerk, we got traumatised by a psychotic ghost and a hobo tried to kill us. But what's going to happen now?

 Yes, mom... I'll take the dog out for a walk. But that won't come until much later. This part of the game is heavy on the foreshadowing.
 Welp, running away before I have to think of mom prostituting herself again!  Even if I was only gone like half an hour...
 Night, mom. Today passed fast... all I did was shop.
 Wait. Wait. It wasn't blue last time! What did you do with my magic dreams, mind?
 'allo again, my flickering naked ghost man.
 Oh. It's you. Well, you're still naked, so you can join me any way.

Funky's not quite the word I would have used... But hey, at least you guys stopped whining!
 NAKED CHICK! ...and you're wearing clothes again.
 Sorry, naked people only in this miniature army.
 Ooh! New naked chick! ...and cultists. Oops. Did I watch too much Stephen King before I went to sleep? Of course not, there's no television in that room. Hm. Maybe I need to read less crazy emails.
 Meet the Gaia Cult, Kana.

We'll get further acquainted in about thirty years.
 Oh great. If my dreams made Yuriko real, does that mean I'm going to destroy the world by dreaming of this?
 WOAH HEY, I don't think that's quite necessary! Ever considered just... buying him a pizza and bringing him some beer? I'm sure he'd prefer that to the soul of a hot naked chick.

...oh wait.
 No shit, sherlock.
 And here is your first Alignment Choice. The primary alignment (Dark-Light-Neutral) does not apply to player characters, so we only have to worry about the secondary. It's this that determines the ending, and which demon allies we will encounter.

Law is religious, order, peace.
Chaos is anarchy, freedom, war.
Neutral keeps the balance between the two.

Picking "yes" in this leans you towards Law. Picking "no" chooses Chaos.
 ...but it doesn't matter what you pick. If you pick the law option, Kana protests. If you pick chaos, Ritsuka will protest. Either way...
 ...there's nothing you can do. Except-
 HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME? Don't tell me I got another stalker! ...Tsukiya is popular with the laydees~.
 And this is what we can do. It may sound odd, but this is the way to save her. By giving her a name-
 -the priests panic. Hisako means "Child of an old story" in Japanese. It's also the name of one of my favourite characters in Siren.
 It's kinda ironic, demon summoners calling out to God when things don't go so well. I notice none of them have changed their poses. No idea what happened to them. They just disappear after that pussy scream.
 Oh hiii there naked chick. Gonna join my naked team?
 Also why are you only covering your chest?
 So you have magical powers! Neat!

As you can probably tell, Hisako here is important to the plot.
 In short, she's our healer. The reason I neglected everything else here is due to two facts.

 Firstly, her weapon is a gun. These do not use your base stats and instead have their own attack power.

 Secondly, magic determines how effective her spells are. Simple enough, right? Well, that means healing is included.
 Unfortunately, as she says, Healy McNoPants here is MIA for a good section of the game.
 Luckily, we can get other healers throughout the game. However, wasting your healing spells is not a good idea. For a while, there's few items that will heal your MP and plenty that will heal your HP.

 Neither of these are replenished at level up.

 If you're so psychic, woman, how come you couldn't avoid getting nearly sacrificed?
 Sure will, hot naked chick.
 ...hold on, the game appears to have reset.
 Just gimme a minute to reload my save...
 No go. It resets at this point! Sigh. Didn't expect this. Is this a glitch?
 Oh! No, it looks like mom just doesn't like me sleeping on my day off and happens to say the exact same thing any time you wake up. Auto-mapping, huh?

 ...too bad it's a useless function that nobody in their right mind would ever use. It's easier just to fumble around than to try to make sense of the map.

Not pictured: My connection dropping again after I download the auto-mapper. And then mom tells me off for sleeping. Again.
 You will be the first to die when I take over the world.
 MOM! Give me some PRIVACY. Jeez!
 ...wait. She lives right next door? What was all that bullshit about not seeing her for a while?
 S-SHUT UP! It's not like I like her or anything!

Ok, no. The actual choice is to go outside, and, of course, to go see Hisako.
 This is their apartment. Sort of. Basically, each of these doors lead to half of the apartment. Whether they just rented both rooms or live separately is unknown.
 A doctor producing a healer. What a surprise.

 Also it seems that I knew this woman already. Wow.

 Hi, doctor next door! I am going to call you Fred.
 Her room which is an entirely different apartment. That or you have a huge hall.
 Uh, I don't think she can hear you-
 Huh. Prove me wrong. Maybe she was listening against the wall. That or they're really thin.

You mean there's another Hisako? This is unheard of!

Yes, there are two Hisakos in this game, and this is not the one we want.
 You could go to the mall? Have... coffee?
 I'm going to spoil you guys here and tell you right now that it's Ritsuka.

Following this, we end up booted outside. Whoops...